Lucie Brault
Real Estate Broker

Lucie Brault

Real Estate broker
Marketing Technician
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and area

My story
As a builder's daughter, at a very young age I visited many houses with my father René Brault, a well-known residential / commercial / industrial construction contractor in the region between the 1970s & 1987. His visits and the anecdotes he told me helped me become very familiar with certain districts of my beautiful city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and its surroundings.

At the age of 14, I was already working at customer service with his company, listening to people, helping them purchase whatever materials they needed.

At 17, holding a diploma in Administration, Marketing option, I was a retailer of building materials at BRAULT & BISAILLON Building Contractor, selling doors, windows, patio doors and exterior coverings. In 1988, I sold wholesale building materials at DISTRIBUTION GUIZMO to retailers, organizing delivery routes.

Between 1991 and 1994, I was a claims officer for an insurance company and then for two property insurance brokers in the region, where I represented people's interests.

During and after the infamous 1998 Ice Storm, I learned a lot about the challenges that any type of dwelling can be subjected to during its life, and their potential solutions, since I managed the building claims service of the insurance broker for 18 months following the ice storm.

Between 2001 and 2004, I worked in the sales office for SOLENO, selling polypropylene pipes and drains, perforated or not, polypropylene septic tanks, polishing field and all necessary material for the municipal sewer network.

Since 1987, I have lived in a century-old house, renovated in 1940, 1987 and just recently. Through renovating I became familiar with ancestral buildings' methods and woodworking. Located in the countryside, I had to find out about water wells, sewer system in order to optimize my work and keep it sanitary and up to code : the low pressure distribution System, or a tertiary treatment system effluent toward a drain field, seepage bed, a sand filter above ground or standard polishing field and its unit for purchasing doors, windows, toilets and showers. Over time, I came to the conclusion that a house which ages well is a house loved by its owners, who improves it year after year by investing about $1,500 to $2,000 minimum annually.

Constantly seeking to increase my expertise, I regularly attend Real Estate training sessions, keeping 
myself up to date on all facets of the industry, as well as construction, new construction materials, 
laws, regulations and finances.

Since the purchase or sale of a property is no trivial act, there will also be a range of emotions 
related to the process. I'm here to dialogue with you and reassure you because your feelings are 
important to me. To better understand my clientele, I also attend psychology training sessions, 
because my clients are people who experience emotions on a daily basis.

Now I put all my skills and knowledge at your service to sell your property or buy one that will be the 
best choice according to your means and your needs. Trained in home staging with France Arcan, I am able 
to help my clients adapt to the taste of the moment and promote a better impact.

I will guide you with transparency and honesty. I will research and validate all information and will 
answer your questions. When you fall in love with a home, I will be level-headed, bringing in facts and 
comparable to help YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!

With mutual trust, I will explain what sometimes may seem complex to you. Even after the sale, I will 
still be there at your service to answer your questions about specialized suppliers or particular services 
you may have need of, now and in the years to come.

Real Estate and people are my passion and my lifestyle!

I am available 7 days a week to serve you.

My greatest reward is to accompany you to your destination, but a reference from you is the ultimate !!!

Lucie Brault
Courtier immobilier et Technicienne en Marketing
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