Lucie Brault
Real Estate Broker
Lucie Brault's story, Real Estate Broker.
Daughter of a builder, at a very young age, I was following my Father to visit properties. As a an Building entrepreneur well known in the area between 1970 to 1987, he had to go for showings to many houses in the great St-Jean's area. With his experiments and stories he tought me the how to and the historical events in some neighbourhoods.

At the age of 14, I was already listening people's and providing at customers services and selling department.

At 17 years old, I got my Diploma as an Administration Technician in Marketing. I was selling retail construction furnitures at BRAULT & BISAILLON's office: Steel doors, windows, sliding-doors, Aluminium and vinyl exterior siding and mouldings, and to the foundation's drain and propylene septic tanks at SOLENO around the year 2003.

Between the years 1990 and 1994, I was a claim clerk for an insurance company, then for two insurance brokers in St-Jean, I was working for the people interest. At the Big Ice Storm of 1998 I discoverez a lot on proprerties challenges that that can occur to a building (House, mobile-home, cabin, condo ou others) and possible solutions to apply. 

Since 1987, I am owner of a centenial house.  I improved it, that made me learn ancestral ways to build and improve the old way. Because I live in the countryside, I had to learn to cope with the water well and septic system and a lot more.

Always evolving, I regularly attend continuing training courses, keeping me up to date on all aspects of real estate.

I put all my knowledges and skills to serve you, to sell your property or to buy the best choice according to your means and needs.  A training in home staging with France Arcan is part of my skill.

Since the purchase or sale of an immovable is not a trivial act, there will be also emotions related to the sale or purchase process. I am here to talk of these emotions that you experiment.

With candour and honesty, I will guide you with transparency in the process. I am looking for further informations on your property and I will answer your questions.  I am rational and I analyze the property's challenges.

When you will fall in love with a house, I will have analyzed it and made comparisons with others, so YOU'LL MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR A GOOD PRICE!

With mutual trust, I will put your real estate file in plain language, which may sometimes seem complex to you.

Once the transaction is completed, I am still at your service to answer your questions about specialized suppliers or specific services that you may need, even after the deed of sale.

Real estate and people are my passions and my lifestyle!

I am available 7 days a week to serve you, between 8:00 and 22:00.

My greatest reward is to accompany you to your destination!

But a reference from you is the ultimate!

 Lucie Brault
Your devoted Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Broker and Marketing Technician

Cell.: 514-707-4321

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